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  • This build is about to DomiNATE the truck scene!

    These days its hard to be unique and build something that really stands out from the crowd. Seem’s like so many builds just copy each other but change a few colors and add more lights. Well Nate from Cattaraugus, New York sure found a way to stand out! With a […]

  • Weekend on Edge Carnage

    The Carnage Diesel enthusiast, and truck lovers, we all love when it comes to an event as big as the Ultimate Callout Challenge their is expected to be some expensive repercussions.

  • 28th Annual Carlisle Truck Nationals

    Attention North- and South-East Region Truck Fans! Looking for a family-friendly event to go to where no matter how big or small your truck is, you can show off your build?

  • First Gen Rollin Slow, Low, and In-Control

    First-Gen Cummins Fans, time to find some napkins because you’re going to be drooling over this 93 First Gen Dodge W250. This chromed-out build, owned by Chase Jones, is unique from the typical First Gen builds you see on your Instagram feed. 

  • Jet Engine or Nah?

    @whistlindiesel at it again with one of his most popular videos. Be sure to keep a watch on his Instagram. He’s posting badass videos daily.

  • diesel hotties

    Diesel Hotties – Empowering Women

    So this blog is for the women out there who have a passion for diesel trucks. Whether you own one, are a diesel mechanic, or want to learn more about the diesel industry,