2018 Christmas Giveaway

Hello everyone,

We’re back at it again with another Christmas giveaway. I have to say that the wait is finally over. We will start at 7AM (CST) all day Wednesday morning on the 12th of December. First runner up is Fass Fuel Systems, who will be giving away a Fass Fuel System! 

The giveaway instructions are:
– Like the post
– Comment 3 friends on the post
– Share the post
– Follow all media pages regarding the giveaway

That’s it, making sure you’re following, re-posting the giveaway will get you entered if you follow the above listed. At the end of business day, we will do a random drawing which may take a few hours to process all the entrees. 

Click the calendar to be reverted back to the Facebook event. or click here to join the event.