Lonestar Throwdown

Lonestar Throwdown (LST) Almost Here

It’s here again, Lonestar Throwdown! This year they are coming back with a bang with 2000 registrants and even more requesting to register. Too bad the capacity for registrants is 2000.

Lonestar Throwdown has been around for some time now, and with Lonnie Ford, Jarrod Dunahoo, & Todd Hendrex buckling down to get this show organized up to par, bet that it will blow your minds away. Folks from all over drive to this event to put their customized vehicles on display and have a good time, even those who do not have a custom ride travel to Texas from out of state. I’m talking from Nevada, Washington,¬†Massachusetts, Oklahoma,¬†Louisiana, Indiana, Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, Connecticut, Ohio, Arizona, I mean you name the state, they will probably be there!

Last year I was mind blown by the amount of people who showed up to this event. I cant imagine the time & cost it takes to put on such a large outside event like this one. If you have not been to this event, you should definitely make the trip. If not this year, you better make plans for next year. You will not want to miss it!

Lonestar Throwdown 2017
Lonestar Throwdown 2017
Lonestar LST
Jeep @ LST 2017

If you have any question regarding the show, be sure to checkout there website. Lonestar Throwdown

Also be sure to check the event out here.

For those who plan on going in the future, make sure you purchase your registration ticket before January 1st. There is so many that forget or even wait till the last minute to purchase. Once the show reaches 2000 attendees or Jan 1, registration is closed! Currently right now, people are still asking for registration for trade, or to purchase. Don’t be these guys, make sure you get your ticket on time so you can enter your customized ride into the show.

Lonestar Throwdown is scheduled to take place on February 23rd at 8am (CST) – February 25th ending at 5pm (CST). The avg. price should be around $20-$25 like last year. Make sure you book your hotels and be ready to for one hell of weekend, because you’re going to need all the rest you can get.

Lonestar LST

LST 2017

Lonestar LST

LST Lonestar Throwdown

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