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Who doesn’t love a good ole 2nd gen Dodge Cummins? I know I do. Every time I turn my head, there’s sick build hitting the streets. I have to tell you, these build’s are fascinating and it cant get much better then this. The motivation, and inspiration these guys have to put into these builds have got to be the most outstanding thing I’ve ever seen in the truck industry.

What is a 2nd gen?

If you’re not familiar with exactly what year a 2nd gen is, then let me sum it all up in a nutshell for you. The Ram line was redesigned for the 1994 model year. Development on a second generation began in 1986, ending in late 1992. The redesigned 1994 Ram was a sales success, with sales rocketing from 95,542 units in 1993 to 232,092 in 1994, 410,000 in 1995, and 411,000 by 1996. That year, it was prominently featured as the hero vehicle in the film Twister. Sales of this generation peaked at just over 400,000 in 1999.

2nd gen

Who’s driving it?

Over the past few years, there has been numerous popular builds with the 2nd gens. These builds have been and still are trending topics across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Snapchat. I’ll be scrolling my news feed, and boom! There’s a badass second gen build right there. In fact, it was Christopher Dogget’s build. When I first took notice, I knew this guy was about to blow up. Right then and there, I posted him to our Facebook page back in May of 2017. His video gained over 225k views. Not to mention, we’ve posted other videos of his that went stupid crazy on social media with over 1million views.

2nd Gen
Christopher Doggett

However, that’s not even the tip of the iceberg with all the builds that so many are doing. Here’s Zack Turchany with his Monster 24v (ProTip: That’s his Instagram name) and it’s custom paint job. The truck is immaculate, inside and out. He has a build list so long, he could literally write a book. Okay, maybe a little far fetched there, however the build list is still crazy long.

2nd Gen
Zack Turchany

Performance List:

DieselPowerSource 64mm over S480 compound turbos
7×0.012 Ducky Fuel Injection injectors
Industrial Injection VP44
ATS Diesel stage 4 built auto trans
ATS Diesel trans co pilot
Edge Juice with Attitude Competition
ARP head studs
Diamond Eye 5in turbo back exhaust
DieselPowerSource intake horn
Fass fuel 150
Beans diesel sump
Flex-a-lite dual electric fans
DieselPowerSource exhaust manifold
Pacbrake exhaust brake
Mishimoto intercooler
Mishimoto radiator
AEM water meth injection kit
Derale trans cooler
Mishimoto trans cooler
Fluidampr balancer

Suspension & steering

Yukon free spin locking hub conversion
Skyjacker adjustable track bar
Skyjacker 7in coils
Dodge Off-road steering stabilizer
Performance accessories 3in body lift
TGC long arms
TGC traction bars
BDS leaf springs
TGC 2.5in lift blocks
TGC pitman arm
Dodge Off-road heavy duty front steering
Dodge Off-road end links
Redhead gear box
Dodge Off-road steering brace
Dodge Off-road traction bar mounts
Fox 2.0 shocks with remote reservoirs front and rear
Powerstop front brake kit
RuffStuff Specialties rear disc brake conversion
4.10s with Detroit locker in the rear

2nd Gen
Zack Turchany


24×14 -76 offset American Force Trax
42×14.5×24 Interco Snipers
New head, fog and tail lights
OLB Led headlights and fog lights
Complete POR15 undercarriage coating
Backwoods bumpers  rear bumper
Mag-hytec diff covers
AMPresearch steps
Pacbrake on board air kit
Hornblasters 540 train horns
Tonnopro tonneau cover
RoyalHooks shackles
36×8 stack tip


Edge CTS2 monitor
Glowshift 3 piliar guages
Leatherseats,com custom red and black
Pioneer head unit
Pioneer speakers all around
Led dash conversion
US Speedo guage face
Switch pros switches
Windshield tinted 35% with 20% tint every where else

I told you that list was super long, however checkout the 2nd gen players below, and tell us what you think of each build. If there’s anything YOU would change, feel free to comment on each photo.

2nd Gen Photos

2nd Gen
Logan Paterson
2nd Gen
Thomas King
2nd Gen
Tyler Edwards