April 21, 2018 TN Smoky Mountain Truck Fest

Alright my diesel truck, rat rod, and adventure seeking fanatics. Looking for a vacation that involves everything you love? Here’s your chance to have the perfect weekend! The Tennessee Diesel Addiction (TDA) is hosting its 3rd annual Smoky Mountain Truck Fest April 21, 2018 in Pigeon Forge, TN. This event is JAM-PACKED with awards, downright awesome food, and, of course, striking diesels. Not to mention a Dyno Competition! Truck owners from all over the east side of the Mississippi River will be attending this show. Preregistration is only $15 and spectators are FREE!

Now I know what you’re thinking, what makes this event unique over other well-known truck meets such as Daytona Truck Meet, Carlisle Truck Nationals, etc.? I interviewed Mitchell Metcalf, administrator for Smoky Mountain Truck Fest, to find the answer to that question. “It’s like a beach with no ocean ”, Mitchell said, there is so much to do so you’ll never be bored. Not only will there be the Smoky Mountain Truck Test, but all weekend the Spring Rod Run will be going on. Prefect 3-day event for any car enthusiast. Want to get away from crowd? No worries! Pigeon Forge, TN is filled with attractions, shows, sightseeing tours and cruises, and fun adventures. Don’t expect to get much sleep!

Okay, you have a gist of some awesome events going on around the Smoky Mountain Truck Fest but let’s get into what this truck meet has to offer. This event presents a enjoyable atmosphere fit for all ages! Ryan Bridges, head honcho of the Smoky Mountain Truck Fest, merely started this show for a way for people to have the chance to relax during the cruisin but now has developed the show into a must-see event. Over 1000 participants attended last year and Ryan expects that number to double. When your truck is registered, you’ll have the chance to win some awesome awards, to take home to gloat affront of your friends, and giveaways! Some of their sponsors include Blue Pit Diesel, BAD Habits Custom Automative, Reckless Auto Sports, War Diesel Recovery, and TSI Diesel and Performance. Diesel Hotties will also be making an appearance with over 20 of their lovely ladies.

Here is just a taste of trucks that have attended in the previous years and plan on returning:

Instagram Name: @cwharris92
Instagram Name: @crackhead_cranford
Instagram Name: @lynx4real
Instagram Names (Left to Right): @cjones_5point9 @strokemonster @puffd13 @cwharris92

Instagram Name: @g.i.service

It’s time to wrap this up. If the activities, award opportunities, and truck builds haven’t immediately convinced you to attend this truck meet, like it did for me, here is one last inside-scoop I’ll share with you. Friday, April 20, 2018, TDA will be hosting a pre-party to let you show off your build one extra day. Sold!

Start planning your vacation now for April. Can’t wait to see you there!

For more information regarding the Smoky Mountain Truck Fest, or to pre-register your diesel, visit their Facebook page.

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