New owner of the joker, arrogant!

And so it begins

We’ve all heard of the joker, well lady’s and gents, just start reading below, prepare to be mind blown… NOT!

We’re not about bashing others and how they build a truck, (Technically he didn’t even build the joker!) however there is some so called changes to the truck you will see at Lonestar Throwdown in Conroe, TX this year.

The reason that got me started on this topic is because this guy had the nerve to jump on the band wagon and start recording himself disrespecting our law enforcement. Isn’t @winston_cave suppose to be some sort of mentor for our younger generation growing up in this industry? Just blows my mind! Winston posted to his Instagram page Feb 20, 2018 late evening claiming he has a “hater following him and these guys cant stop harassing him.” Well sir, news flash, you drive a truck that gains a lot of attention. Get use to it. Just follow the rules and maybe your life might just get a little easier. Check out the video below.

After minutes of posting, his videos started getting some attention. Comments from known accounts like TruckRice, lmorr5, calebgoeshamm, and more jumped into to express their ‘concern’

You are literally fucking mental.


Don’t be crying “Justice For Winston Cave” when they beat your ass again. May be time to quit drinking. Live your truth though!


I followed you before anyone else knew you had the joker, and I thought it was pretty dope to know the joker build was down the street from me, but seeing how you treated that officer made me lose all respect I had for you. I pray to God I dont see you at LST, cause I’ll make sure to have a nice little word with you??‍♂️ too bad @skoop didn’t know how you were before he sold the truck to you. Could’ve gone to a more deserving person, but now this one of a kind seems build that someone put love into is just going downhill. Just wanna say that the joker was sitting at a used tire shop in cedar park, so if that’s the direction this “rebuild” is going then I seriously feel bad for @skoop. Someone else could be owning and respecting this build right now.


We never got pulled over when we owned it ??? they fuck with him because of how he treats them. There’s so much illegal on the truck but if you simply know how to respect people doing their jobs they don’t fuck with you


After seeing how fucking ignorant you are, it’s obvious you deserve to have your ass beat by any cop you encounter. I’ve had 28 tint tickets and been pulled over 150 times, but 90% of the time it’s a warning because I’m not an ignorant prick. Be respectful and you wouldn’t have to deal with the shit. But anyways… continue. I’m entertained ??


I mean the comments go on and on, how fucking arrogant can the guy get? That’s my rant for the day and feel free to comment and leave your opinions down below.


EDIT: 21 FEB 2018 08:24

This is a update that he has been arrested for his stupidity.
winston joker

Image provided by @skoop_33

I feel like the party is just getting started ??? @winston_cave hopefully the haters understand that you came out the closet for Jesus. Free mah homie, he didn’t do nuffin! #JusticeForWinstonCave #DadOfTheYear #ICreatedAMonster