Pleasant Cook & Ruthless

It’s just “Ruthless”

As much as we try to deny it, social media plays a huge role in today’s society, sometimes it’s just “Ruthless”. We all know the diesel community is creative, motivated bunch of enthusiasts who are known for coming up with awesome solutions to the problems they encounter while enjoying their passion. When Pleasant Cook puts her mind to something, there’s no turning back. She brings all of that creativeness and fun to us in the diesel industry because they are a big part of that community themselves.


Recently, I had the pleasure to speaking with Pleasant about the build her and Mcintosh Motorsports built together. I have to say after a hour long conversation discussing the build, Pleasant definitely put her money where her mouth is. It took exactly 22 days from stock to get Ruthless put together. That is a lot of time and dedication from the team over at Mcintosh Motorsports along with named sponsors we will mention below. Pleasant said herself, “I did not want to let my sponsors down, so Mcintosh Motorsports stepped up and designed a customized lift. Built it right off a plasma table.” The team pushed long hours, along with gathering parts day and night.


About Pleasant

Pleasant grew up in a small town in Missouri, and always had a passion for trucks. Nevertheless, with her interest of involvement she wanted to be different and express herself through the builds. She loves having that impact on others that drives inspiration to do what you put your mind to. “The most enjoyable thing out of this, is meeting new friends, and it’s more of a family then a community.” Pleasant said.
Don’t worry everyone, there’s still a lot of room to grow in this industry. Always more room, for new people.

If you haven’t noticed, this is pretty much Pleasant’s life! This is her fun, other then her new pet the pit-bull she has been working with, loves going to the gym (If you watch her stories, it’s daily!), enjoys off-road racing, loves traveling, and finally finding a new event that she can get her hands into. Did I mention she drove a RZR across the country? How freaking’ crazy is that?
Pleasant set out a goal that she wants to achieve in her lifetime, which is to have a race career, eventually trophy truck racing. That’s a hell of a goal to set out, but if you put your mind to it, you can achieve it.

5 Year Projection

Looking back on the last 5 years, the diesel industry is not what it use to be. When asking Pleasant what she thought would happen in the next 5 years, would it grow even bigger? She had this to say. “Yeah it will grow even bigger, the biggest change ever is the wheel and tire factor. Before my dad would have small wheels, and big tires, Now it’s the smallest tire on the biggest wheel. What amazes me is that how these small companies have grown so big. I can remember American Force having a dually with a few wheels in the back. Everyone thought they were crazy for over priced wheels.” They’re not so crazy now are they? One of the biggest wheel companies and leader in forged wheels.


Details on Ruthless

The truck originally was planned to be a Chevrolet, however due to plans falling through, Pleasant went with the 2017 Ford f250 Platinum – Less than 1000, it was built at 22 miles. Lets throw some credit over to Truck Guru for bringing the truck life with the sick rendering of the wrap! Ruthless currently is setup with a PPEI tuner with a custom set of tunes, & yes the truck is DELETED! Setup with the best on the market, FlowPro Exhaust and EGR delete with a cold air intake by No Limit Fabrication.


Here’s a complete list of who sponsors Ruthless and what is on the truck.



The interior design was completed by Roadwire Leather. The comfort level is A+ and Pleasant loves how well they accomplished getting the seats well adjusted for the comfort. Furthermore, Cincy Security & Sound had huge role by installing the audio. All speakers are Kicker audio, and because it was so crucial to have this, they got this installed the day before they were due in Vegas! Well more like the morning of, is how it was worded. There’s also a tri-fold bed cover, also with swing cases that Cincy modified to install marine grade speakers.


ruthless ruthless ruthless



With all the hard work and dedication put into this build, Pleasant was not alone. A big shout out to the entire sponsor list who did that little bit of extra work to get this truck ready. It took a great deal of effort to be successful in this build, and without all of you, this would not have been possible. There are still a few changes to come for the truck, and one known change is to put a clear coat over the powder coat. That will bring out the pink in the rose gold.

Pleasant plans for her next build as quoted,

A Jeep, Escalade, or redoing the truck, still unsure.

So I guess we will be surprised by what she will have up here sleeve next. The truck currently sits only for events, this is not a daily driver, but man wouldn’t it be nice to pimp this ride around? There is no favorite part of the truck here for Pleasant, she loves the truck all together. Feels it’s unique, and special.

Sema 2017 all together was a awesome experience, I got to welcome my best friend Lacey for the first time to Sema.

Expected Events

You can catch this truck at these events listed below.

  • Lonestar Throwdown (LST)
  • Adrenaline Auto Show
  • Orange Beach Invasion (Possibility)
  • Lifted Truck Nationals (Possibility)