UCC Coming Around Fast


Are you going to UCC  2018?

As some of you may or may not have noticed, the Ultimate Callout Challenge is well on it’s way to being one of the biggest diesel events of the year! As we step into the 2018 I’m thrilled to be writing this article about UCC 2018!

However, YOU CAN GO TOO! UCC 2018 has single day passes, and 3 day passes not to mention we have a discount code to give you best deal for your buck. You can use the code “modified” and get yourself some tickets. We’re also giving away a total of 16 tickets from now up until the event. The way you can win these tickets are simple, you go follow our facebook page Cummins Mafia and be check the events page, look for Ultimate Callout Challenge 2018 then join the event for notifications. Currently we are putting together a swag pack for all our ticket winners. Current sponsors that will be providing this swag pack will be Thoroughbred Diesel & BD Diesel. We are going to reach out to a few more companies who will like to jump on this promotion with us, that way you guys can have some cool swag!



Who’s GOING?

Some of the biggest competitors from all over the states like Shawn Baca with industrial injection, Chase Fleece with Fleece Performance, Cody Hale with Anarchy, Dmitri Millard with No Zone, Derek Rose with DNR Customs, plus many many more will be attending this event. As a result, last year the event hosted just under 11,000 attendees. That’s huge, not to mention the expectancy this year could be over 15,000, WOW!


Serious Carnage

Ultimate Callout Challenge is a mixture of dynos, sled pulls, and drag racing circuit. The idea behind it all is to push these powerful engines as much as to the limit they can, because they’re going to need IT. If you ever plan on being a competitor at this event, be prepared to break some shit! Serious carnage happens here, and there’s nothing else like it.


Brief Details

The event will take place over three days with a dyno contest on day one, quarter mile drags on day two, and a sled pull on day three. Outside the obligatory safety rules and an 8,500 lb. limit for the pulls, there really are no rules. UCC allows everything, from any injectable to swapping transmissions, turbos, injectors, etc. Whatever these guys need to do to win, they will.

Here is the event schedule for those of you interested.