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When it comes to the diesel scene, there’s no better way to set the example like Houston’s Diesel’s does! The way they present themselves, and the way are leaders instead of followers really goes above and beyond. However, what exactly sets this group of individuals from others? Well I’ll tell you just that, but lets get into what brought them together, and exactly who are they?

Photo Credit: Laura Herod


I had the pleasure to get with Wade, to really find out what it’s all about. With him fully supporting our community being that he’s a fireman, and a full time parent, I cant imagine how he makes time for the group. It’s got to be time consuming, Wade mentioned,

“It is very hard to juggle everything. There is always something that needs to be done between the club and my job. I don’t have much time. I’m constantly on the go. The added stress is relieved when I see the members happy and what we do for the community, it makes it worth it.”

Houston diesels was established in December of 2014 by Wade Julian, Jhett Young, & Forrest Rushing. These guys right here decided they were going to change how the diesel scene was presented. They figured, lets make it more local, and have truck meets. Bring the community together, and make it more like family, and they did just that!


There’s definitely a future with this group, although the timeline is not precisest. They have grown and done more then expected. There are plans for a non-profit organization, and the group hopes very soon to establish it to take to the next milestone. I have to say, after attending one of these meets, and level of excitement I seen is unreal. I mean just being around these guys made you feel like you belong. Quick to find out who you are, welcome you with open arms, and make you feel right at home. So if you’re in the greater Houston area, be sure to find the group and join in! Just don’t be a douche bag, because they’re quick to give you the boot for “attempting” to give them a bad name.

What’s The Meets About?

So here’s the real question, what’s the hype? Well let me tell you all about why these guys are changing the game. You see it’s not just getting together and looking at trucks, it’s more along the lines of caring about others. They care about the community, making it a better place. The group is going that extra mile. The meet is about two things, the members & charity. This group comes together once a month to get off social media and spend time with one another. They also join up and do raffles to raise money every month for a charity. Not many do that today, and these guys are changing peoples lives. Though, the group does give back, by offering gift cards from their sponsors, or giving away some sick apparel, or accessories they may have. It’s not just all give, give, give, there is also some receiving.

“There is always room for more ideas”, said Wade. I personally would like to see a lot more of Houston Diesels, everything they got going on is fantastic! With the following they have, I’m sure it would be easy to throw a large truck show one of these days, matter of fact, it’s something that they would love to do one day. Currently, they do a beach bash every year. Last year the current attendance was about 1,000 attendees. This year, they’re looking right at 2,000-3,000. Which could be the next big thing? I mean Daytona Truck Meet in Daytona, Florida pretty much had the same concept. Now they’re the largest truck meet of 8,000 people! Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s probably more then that. So this could easily be something big for these guys, and something big for Texas itself. Not to mention, it would be strictly based on charity and giving back to the community. 99% of these truck meets are more concerned with profits, and numbers. I don’t see this being the case in the near future.

Photo Credit: Laura Herod
Photo Credit: Laura Herod
Photo Credit: Jhonatan Rosa


For a group, you wouldn’t think they would have some sponsors backing them, but they do! These sponsors are helping the members of HD everyday. If you’re in the group you’ll see the business owners of these companies chiming in time to time just to give some advice, or recommending they bring it in and give it a little HD love. On the other hand, nothing is free so don’t think you’re going to get a hand out. They’re here to help, and be loyal for quality work. Current sponsors for the group consist of: TireLink, PSP Diesel, PSE, Batson Diesel and Performance, and Maxxed Performance. These shops help the members, they have impeccable track records for quality work & customer service. The sponsors have vowed to go above and beyond when possible for the members of HD to ensure they’re treated right all the time and receive the best service they could ask for.

Photo Credit: Derek Painter
Photo Credit: Chris Beall


You see it’s not all about how big your truck is, how nice, or what kind of wheels you got, but HD cares more about what you have to offer to the group. (Good attitude, commitment, trustworthy, little wittiness, etc…) There’s nothing hard about being involved, just don’t be a complete jackass. 

The downfalls of this group are very minimal other then when members cant seem to follow the rules. For instance, creating look alike groups to potentially damage the current group, lash out and slander a good group without good cause. It’s very annoying, and I’ve seen it at first hand. Seems pretty childish. Don’t worry though, the guys of HD aren’t bashful and will set the record straight.

So check them out, feel free to stop at one of the meets, because it’s a damn good time and you do not want to miss it.

Photo Credit: Laura Herod


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