April Fools or Nah?

Sometimes it can be very forgetful when April Fools rolls around, the controversy over this day has been getting super wild and it’s not just your average Joe pulling a fast one on your buddy.

Every year around this time Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat blow up with meme’s. Companies like Rough Country, Dodge Offroad, Thoroughbred Diesel, and probably some more I’m missing but these three companies in general hit the nail right on the head!

Rough Country

Rough Country came out with spectacular ad, almost believable. The ad features a magnetic decoy winch that sticks on just about anywhere on your truck. So if you guys want to look cool, and not spend all your hard earned cash, go over to Rough Country and order yours today! This video amazingly gained over 3.2 million views in a matter of days.  That’s insane if you ask me. Scroll down and check out the next ad though, it gets better.


Thoroughbred Diesel

diesel demon

Late Sunday evening Thoroughbred Diesel blasted out a email with this attached! That’s not all though, it was definitely click bait, their was a button that said, “Read Article” and when you clicked it, you were forwarded to a discount page where they were offering 20% off all their apparel. Talk about marketing well.

Dodge Off-Road

tow mirrorsDodge Off-Road had an amazing April fools post as well. Tow mirror extensions, I’m completely blown away, as if they weren’t extended out long enough already. This definitely had many laughs over social media platforms this past Sunday and it blew up quick as well.

Girl Gets New Car, NOT

Obviously this is not truck related but this status is gold! Jeremy knocked it out of the park with this prank, and we were obligated to include this as a part of our article. As you can tell, it blew up in a matter of days. The April fools award definitely belongs to this guy for being to pull it off.

Thanks for reading, and if you have anything you’ve seen or like to add regarding this post, feel free to comment below.