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Diesel Hotties – Empowering Women

So this blog is for the women out there who have a passion for diesel trucks. Whether you own one, are a diesel mechanic, or want to learn more about the diesel industry, I have a womens diesel group you might be interested in. Diesel Hotties is a group of ladies whose mission is to empower women in the diesel community. Enabling confidence in women, generating bada$$ calendars (which by the way, 2019 DH Calendar will be swimsuit edition!), and traveling the US to the most talked about Diesel Events is only some of what they do. These ladies are scattered throughout the US but come together for the same love and support. There are many ways you can join and share the love.

Started in October 2016, Diesel Hotties was created to help Pink Cares of Eastern Shore of MD. Their intention was to merely create a calendar of women posing with diesels to generate money for the organization. Little did they know that the 2017 Diesel Hotties Calendar would sell out in less than a month and go international! They also started to receive a plethora of messages from women asking how to become a Diesel Hottie. Say whaaaaa? With this exponential achievement they decided to take the trade name and make it something bigger. In society today, women are expected to look like a Victoria Secret (VS) Models to be a model. Now don’t get me wrong, the VS models are killing it and I would love to have their bodies any day but it’s not realistic. So Diesel Hotties decided to not choose women merely on their body type, color, age, etc. but for their personality and passion for diesels. The organization consists of diesel mechanics, diesel truck owners, and women wanting to learn more on how to build diesel trucks! And even though Diesel Hotties originated in Maryland, the DH ladies are scattered throughout the US, even have one in Australia. Scroll to the bottom to view some of our ladies with diesels. Over 100 women applied to be a Diesel Hottie last year! Now that was the longest 4 days of my life interviewing each girl but so worth it!

States where 2018 Diesel Hotties are located.

I can tell you now why their pictures stand out than no other diesel group; the pictures are classy yet sexy and they have their own, amazing, photographer who happens to be part owner of the business, Karen Clement. Now I know I’m a little bias since I own part of the business as well but if you don’t want to take my word for it, check it out. We have over 100k followers on Facebook, +50k on Instagram, and +5k friends on Snapchat. If you’re a woman and own a diesel, you can join the Diesel Hotties Womens Truck Club on Facebook NOW! Our website, dieselhotties.org will be running by the end of 2018 so stay tuned.

We have many events planned out for the year including NJ Truck Invasion, SEMA, Idaho H4H, and much more! And don’t forget about the ones we have already attended like the Smoky Mountain Truck Fest and Daytona. Be sure to follow our website for my upcoming blogs about each event and what you’re missing out on!

Subject to change. Be sure to follow our Facebook page for updates.


This has given us the opportunity to meet so many people in the diesel community and help give exposure to what we stand for…. And don’t forget to also take pictures with some breathtaking builds!

The added bonus to Diesel Hotties is that everything is voluntary! We never want to pressure women into attending events or taking pictures if they wish not too. But for the women who want exposure in not only the diesel community, but the modeling industry, we give one-on-one time to develop each lady into a more confident model. 

Want to be featured on our pages but you’re not a 2018 Diesel Hottie? Take a picture in our apparel for a shoutout!

Like what this organization has to offer? Be sure to follow on Facebook, Instagram, and now even Twitter. Also, don’t forget to check out our apparel! For the girls who would like to apply, don’t fret. Application submissions start in December 2018. If you have any immediate questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]