First Gen Rollin Slow, Low, and In-Control

First-Gen Cummins Fans, time to find some napkins because you’re going to be drooling over this 93 First Gen Dodge W250. This chromed-out build, owned by Chase Jones, is unique from the typical First Gen builds you see on your Instagram feed. You can even go see this build in-person at many NC car and truck events! Want to know what modifications have been made and see some before-after pictures? Keep ooonnn scrolling!

The 90s seem to have been the best time for styles, music, and especially vehicles – according to Chase Jones, 23-year-old owner/builder of a 93 First Gen Dodge W250 (aka Denise the Dodge). His First Gen speaks for the generation and his personality; laid back with a plain, simple, cleaned up old school vibe. This unsponsored truck has been in the family’s possession for over 10 years and in Chases’ since 2016. He even rode this clunker back in the day on his way to school! He’s not finished building the First Gen but has already put in a lot of work so far..

Up to now Chase has replaced the bed, repainted the body, added a 4 inch lift, put 22×14 American Force Evades, and extra. This includes replacing the grill and grill inserts, headlights and taillights, exhaust, bed-line, and probably more. He has done so much work he can’t even recall everything that has been done. Someone sponsor this guy! Chase plans on doing some powder coating, fixing the suspension and some other odds and ends before considering the First Gen complete. This isn’t even his first, nor last, build. He still has an 81 Trans Am to restore and plans on building more trucks in the future.  


Originating from Marshall, NC, Chase tries to attend many local car and truck events and even some out-of-state, including Daytona. The reason you should go check out this build in person because it stands out compared to other First Gens. What makes Chase’s Truck unique from the rest is that most are not white and if they are, the builders usually go for the “blacked out” look. Going the opposite route, this First Gen went “chromed out” such as the mirrors, wheels, bumper, grill, and etc. to give a modern, classic appearance.   


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