Weekend on Edge Carnage

The Carnage

Diesel enthusiast, and truck lovers, we all love when it comes to an event as big as the Ultimate Callout Challenge their is expected to be some expensive repercussions.

This past weekend during the qualifier event ‘Weekend on Edge’ the Power Driven Diesel truck was making a pass to qualify for the UCC19, running up to 120-mph with the time of 6.16 in the 1/8 mile. Continuing down the track, the truck abruptly experienced some difficulties and the end result was not very pleasant.

I must say when watching the videos, and looking the cracked block, the damage of the entire front end of the truck, was excruciating! I cant imagine how I would feel if I was in the driver seat, probably a pile of sh*t in my pants to be honest, but you know that’s the risk you take when you sign up for this sort of entertainment.


Good news, the driver is OKAY! Might of been a shook up moment, and furious ride but at the end of the day nobody was hurt and still made the best of it. Bad news, the truck will be out of commission for a bit.

The Story From Will

Update: 8/9/2018

After receiving the story from Will over at Power Driven Diesel there is a lot more to add here, so in his words I’ll leave it below in quotations.

We went to the weekend on the Edge event to test and dial in the Power Driven Diesel UCC truck. We already have an invite to the big show next year (UCC 2019), but this event was local to us so we went there to drag race the truck and possibly smack a big number on the dyno during the dyno competition.

This is the same solid Hamilton 6.7 style Cummins block and Diamond pistons/Carillo rods/Gorilla Girdle/ lower end assembly we used at UCC 2018 when the backup 5.9 engine split on the drag strip. However, we refreshed it with new bearings, bigger Hamilton cam, and of course used our bigger 2” valve Hamilton War Head. We did not have enough time to dyno the truck before we left so this drag strip pass was the maiden voyage on the fresh setup.

We tested the BD Positive Air Shutoff device just prior to the run specifically because it was a fresh engine and run-aways are always possible at this level of injection pump technology. The shutoff worked in the pits so Todd drove over to the starting line and made a pass. We started with a fairly mild tune-up fuel wise using our AFC LIVE tuner that started at 27% fueling (around 1200 wheel HP and ramped up to 71% fueling (around 2000 rwhp) over a 2 second window. This acts as a sort of traction control to prevent over-powering the track in 1st and 2nd gear. Then just as the truck is getting into third gear the fueling has fully ramped to 71% or 960 cc’s of fuel delivery. This 1/8th mile run resulted in a moderate 6.16 @ 120.59 MPH pass ok for a 6100 LB 4×4 race truck, however, when Todd lifted the throttle the truck kept pulling. So either the throttle stuck or the internal rack on the injection pump itself hung (we won’t know for sure till Farrell Diesel Service inspects the internals of this wild 16mm P7100 injection pump).

Todd instinctively hit the large red emergency shut-down button (which had just been tested in the pits and had been used successfully to shut down a prior runaway or two at the shop over the past few years of development of this radical injection pump) but the BD shutoff malfunctioned this time and did not actuate. At this point, according to the data logger, the truck was turning a little over 6,000 RPM at over 140 MPH so Todd shifted the transmission into neutral. A split second later RPM spiked due to the neutral drop and the #3 and/or #4 rod bolts failed on the HD Carillo rods. These two rods were ejected out of the driver’s side of the block. The remaining 4 cylinders, which were still under power, finished off the block blowing it skyward off the bottom end/lower rotating assembly. The explosion punctured the front passenger tire so the truck made a move toward the wall as a huge fireball erupted from burning oil under the hood. Todd felt the truck veer right so he pulled the wheel back toward the center line and safely skidded to a stop looking out his driver’s side window to see because the blown up hood, and shattered windshield were obstructing his view.

Todd was uninjured and actually excited how hard the truck was pulling up top with the moderate tune-up. At first glance, the engine appears to be a 100% loss taking out the custom solid block, factory Cummins crank, billet rods, custom pistons, custom injectors, GTX55 turbos, injection lines, injection pump, etc. About the only things that still look good under the hood are the Vibrant HD clamps which were amazingly stronger than the welds and 11 gauge aluminum tubing they adjoined

Check the videos out below and you tell us what you think, and be mindful the CARNAGE IS REAL!