2020 Atlantic City Truck Meet

Intended to be the LARGEST Truck Show in the North East Region for 2020

Don’t let the small state of New Jersey (NJ) fool you, it’s FILLED with a variety of activities for all; gamblers, family, beach lovers, and most importantly, TRUCK OWNERS. Atlantic City has a very outgoing, night life atmosphere with the family aspect. I know, this truck meet is almost a year away but this SHOW has to be shared now because you are going to want to plan your vacation for this! So keep reading for more details on what’s going to be included at the event and what makes this unique to other truck events (Daytona, Lonestar, etc).

I got the opportunity to go on a 3-way call with Mark and Chris, some of the coordinators of this event, to ask about what will be going on this truck meet and why everyone should add this show to their calendar. Mark and Chris have been sitting down with multiple departments of the city to ensure that your favorite builds do not get ticketed for lights, bumper heights, or anything that makes the truck unique over others. However, no destruction or disruption within the city will be prohibited (rolling coal on pedestrians, burnouts on the streets, or anything else you know YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSE to do). Any foul-play could cost your truck your spot at the event and I’m going to tell you why this would be a horrible mistake for you…

On July 18-19 2020, Atlantic City Truck Meet will be hosted on an abandoned airport field. The airport is located right on the bay! Everything is the same as when it was operational with the exception of the airport tower. A section was converted to a semi-pro football field which is also no longer in use. Holy crap, this location will have the ability to hold 10,000 trucks! There will even be a section specifically blocked off for photoshoots for the best background offered at the show and detailers will have their own location to do what they do best!

A minimum of 40 vendors are already expected to participate in the Atlantic City Truck Meet as well as 15-20 food trucks. The show is trying to have as many local companies as possible to help out. Be ready to stop at LFTED&LVLD, TIS Wheels, and Dropstar Wheels booths as they are the title sponsors for the event. Don’t forget to also go see Diesel Hotties booth too (yeah, I’m bias but it’s worth it haha). Some other vendors already planning to come are: Speciality Forged, BlackRed HeadGear, Renegade Products.

Something I found interesting, and actually pretty sweet, is how they plan on judging the event. There is always discrepancy on booth trucks or the typical SEMA builds getting all of the awards but that WILL NOT be the case here! The Atlantic City Truck Meet Coordinators are trying to learn from previous shows and are still open to new ideas! Right now there will be at least 3 main sections that will be judged separately: Regular Show Field (daily drivers), VIP (High-end builds, BUT don’t have to be considered “SEMA” builds), and Vendor Booths.

Did someone say beer? That’s right, there will be a beer garden! You will be only to drink in the garden BUT hey, this isn’t offered at your typical show. If you haven’t already figured it out, this isn’t your average show in general!

They didn’t forget about the kids! Waterslide, moon-bounce, and other activities to get the kids involved will be available. They can even enter for the Powerwheels class! Another class the show will be offering at the show is BIG RIGS class. Say whaaaat! A little different but makes it easier for everyone to come. The kids, and adults, will love the possible burnout pits and Dyno as well!

I dont know about you but I’m ready to sign my first gen up and plan for July 2020! Registration is NOW open as well as their nifty new website. If this article didn’t persuade you enough or you have some recommendations, just visit their Instagram or comment below!

~Make good decisions~

NJ Truck Invasion

Beach, suntan lotion, and the fresh smell of diesel. This must mean summer is here and truck events are coming in hot…literally! But you know what sucks? Having to stand on steaming asphalt all day for an event and strolling through Instagram watching others enjoy the ocean breeze at the beach. Well, let me fill you in on the upcoming BEACH truck event happening June 22-23. That’s right, its time to take a mini vacation and come to a show you can actually enjoy! The NJ Truck Invasion, in Wildwood NJ, is set on becoming the “Daytona of the North East”. For only its first year, they already have over 500 trucks registered! By the way, the registration closes June 17, 11:59pm EST. Click here to register now because you can NOT register after the day of the event.

Grab that sweet tea and let’s dive a little more into what this event has to offer! From 9am to 5pm vendors, spectators, and a great deal of builds will be basking in the sun at the best beach in the NJ, DE, and MD area. Trucks from North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and every state around have registered their truck to compete for the hand-built Top 20 and Best of Show trophies. Top sponsors such as Goodies Auto, Dirty Diesel, BAMFled off-road lighting, and Causeway Ford are just a few that support Blinker Fluid Productions’ show. Head of Marketing and Promotions, Mark Wickline, gave me the insight on how quickly this event has grown and how top stream vendors Lftdxlvld, TIS Wheels, and DropStars Wheels will be setting up tent as well as the famous Diesel Hotties who will be doing some of their calendar shooting that same weekend!

Need one extra push to help convince your significant-other/pals to head over to NJ? Check out just a few who have signed up already:

Instagram: @jonn_z

Instagram: @ryansnyder114

Instagram: @varnbilt_motorsports

Instagram: @moneyshotmatt

Instagram: @twolson8

Feel free to find even more information and support by checking out www.njtruckinvasion.com or message their Instagram page!


Make good decisions.

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Shelby 1000 F350????

Shelby 1000 F350

If you haven’t heard already, there is going to be a F350 Shelby addition! Yeah, that’s right a truck that might give those other diesel powered trucks a run for there money. (Maybe)

On March 8th-11th in Las Vegas, NV at the Vegas Bash (Team Shelby) this truck was presented for the world to see, check out the specs and details below of the new Shelby 1000 F350 Diesel edition.

1000 lb-ft Torque Stock!

From reviews the Shelby addition Ford F350 is suppose to produce 1000 lb-ft Torque emissions legal, but wait a minute, the 2018 F-250 & 350 series produce 935 lb-ft of torque! So what makes this truck anymore special other then the luxury of having the name Shelby?

Shelby 1000 F350
Shelby 1000 F350

Diesel Truck Concept


  • Shelby 1000 stripping and badging
  • Shelby Designed Hood
  • Heavy Duty Front Bumper
  • Heavy Duty Rear Bumper
  • Borla Exhaust Tips
  • “Shelby” Tailgate Insert
  • “Shelby” Grille Insert
  • LED Lighting Package
  • 20″ Front Bar
  • 4″ Cube Front x4
  • 4″ Cube Rear x2


  • Cold Air Intake
  • 1000 lb/ft Torque Emissions Compliant
  • 20″ Forged Aluminum Wheels
  • Performance Tires: 35″ X 12.5″ X 20″ Tires


  • Shelby by Katzkins Premium Interior
  • Shelby 1000 Floor Matsu
  • Carbon Fiber Appearance Pakage
  • Serialized Dash Plate
  • Serialized Engine Plate

Shelby 1000 F350
Shelby 1000 F350

Sum It All Up

In reality we all know this is just a luxury truck. You’re going to be paying for the name itself, when you could just go buy you a standard 2018 F350 and be just as good. I’m not knocking what they have done, the truck looks badass. I just think if they’re going to put the name Shelby on it, you would think the performance would be a little bit more Top Notch! I guess only time will tell if this truck will be something to be all hyped about.

Check out the video below for more overview of the truck.

Joker NOT So Joker Anymore

We’re back at it again with another article about this truck, but being specific to Mr. @winston_cave himself. I cant help but write this, the internet is blowing up at this very moment. It’s literally post after post. So if you don’t know @winston_cave, then obviously you must know about the Joker. If you don’t know either of those, you should definitely get out more. However, you can have a look at the little before and after to get a better idea on how this article will turn out.

We all know today of all days is the beginning of LST (Lonestar Throwdown) and so far it’s been pretty cool, I mean some good looking trucks here and there. Just a regular event, nothing to short of a good time. Then you got this guy named @winston_cave who’s got this Ford F350 built by @skoop_33 (CJ Dunlap). This truck killed the truck game when CJ had it, ever since this other guy got a hold of it, it’s gone to shit. Claims made by @winston_cave himself that he’s taking to the next level, rebuilding it, blah, blah, etc… I don’t know the full story on what he had planned for it, I just keep up with his live feed which is pretty RIDICULOUS!


A few days ago you may have noticed I made another article called New Owner Of The Joker, ArrogantThis article will put the topping on my ice cream. Not only did this guy just be a utter, selfish, prick, but I guess he had what was coming to him. Now I do have sympathy for those involved, you know accidents are never good, and prayers are out there with whomever might of been involved. We are glad everyone is okay, but now this is about role this guy played during the accident.

Found this edit online from a user @megan_938 and credit for edit goes to @j.him_woodworking

All day he has been doing live feeds, even DURING the accident he put on a live feed, YES I said it. However only aftermath videos are available. I’m still waiting for the video, because few do say they have it. It’s unclear exactly what happen, the rumor has it that he was T-Boned by a 18 wheeler and rolled into a ditch. There is one comment on the live video that everyone on social media remembering, that when someone stopped to help, @winston_cave asked him, “I got some weed, I don’t think I’ll get arrested for it” Flipped his truck, and now concerned with his marijuana. I get it, you like to get high, who doesn’t? I just don’t think this day worked out for you like it was planned. Sorry to hear about your pro “build”, we’re looking forward to what you got next…..

However, even some of these aftermarket companies are starting to join in on the parade with these images below. Not to mention, the locals are having fun with some memes of CJ! (@skoop_33)