Dynos And Tacos

Dynos & Tacos

Come join us for our Christmas event where we will be raising money and toys for Shriners Hospital. We will have a live band, Bounce house, Santa Clause, Taco truck, and the DYNO RUNNING!!! Please see list below for what Shriners Hospital can and can not accept. All toys must be new and unwrapped.

The Dyno will be $200 for 3 pulls. You will need to contact Art at PSP Diesel to save your spot. There will only be 15 spots available, first come first serve. Half the pot will be donated to Shriners Hospital and the other half will go to the winner with the most HP/ Torque. If you have a dually wider than stock you are responsible for removing your outer duals either prior to arriving or once at the event. The shop will NOT provide you tools or help in doing this.

Please bring the family and enjoy the day!

Shriners Hospital for Children – Houston

Age Appropriate Toy Suggestions

baby gyms (plastic or washable cloth)
baby mobiles (plastic or washable cloth)
crib mirrors
push toys
pop-up toys
music box toys
busy boxes
squeeze toys
sturdy cars/trucks
puzzles (for infants and toddlers)
Fisher Price toys
match Box cars
remote control cars
barbie dolls/products
large Floor Puzzles

remote control cars
basketballs/footballs/soccer balls
model Cars (snap together and glue)
make-up set
hair accessories
bath and body sets male and female (lotions, perfumes, etc)
brain puzzles
jewelry making kits
Connect Four
Guess Who?
Cards: Uno, Skipbo, etc
Memory Games
Playing Cards

Distraction/Therapeutic (these items help patients cope with stressful procedures)
Glitter Wands (example: http://www.starmagic.com/Magic-Glitter-Wand.html)

Sound books (interactive noise books)
hand-held electronic games
“Find It” game (from Kazoo Toys) www.findit.com
Arts and Crafts
coloring books (all age types)
crayola marker sets
crayola crayons (4-16 quantities)
colored pencils
tempera paints
paint trays/ ice trays for holding paint
ceramics/wood items (unpainted)
paint by number
jewelry making kits
cross stitch
sand art
craft projects with instructions for teens and adults
scrap booking materials in a package (with everything that is needed is together)
Sculpey Keepsake Clay (No-Mess Clay and Frame Set)
Air Dry Clay
movies – DVD (G and PG-13)(preferred to have option for Spanish Language tracks)
PlayStation 2 video games
PlayStation 4 Gift Cards (we only purchase digital versions)
Generic hand-held games – at walmart there is uno, connect four, etc near the board game area)(rated E for
everyone or other ratings for younger children)
MP3 players
gift cards: Walmart, Target, McDonalds, Burger King, Big Five Sporting Goods, I-tunes, Amazon.com, etc.
digital sport watches with dual alarm
batteries: all sizes, including the watch batteries for the sound books
gift bags (plain, all occasions, etc)
wrapping paper/tissue paper – for birthdays, rewards, and holidays
Due to infection control regulations, space, and patient safety concerns,
We cannot accept the following items:
* Books
* Religious themed items
* Board games
* Puzzles
* Toy Items that depict violence (rated R movies, toy guns)
* Latex Items (ex. non-mylar balloons, koosh balls, rubber stamps/balls/erasers, etc.)
* Wrapped Gifts
* Stuffed toys (please inquire with Child Life specifically per situation)
Keep in mind that environmental factors can trigger allergies and breathing problems in our patients. Please do not store donations in: dusty warehouses or smoking facilities or homes.
Thank you for your support!

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