This build is about to DomiNATE the truck scene!

These days its hard to be unique and build something that really stands out from the crowd. Seem’s like so many builds just copy each other but change a few colors and add more lights.

Well Nate from Cattaraugus, New York sure found a way to stand out!
With a love for the Rat Rod look, and an interest in diesels he found a way to put the two together. Nate started with a 1940 Dodge in 2015 in a back yard garage!
This past spring he decided it was time to go all in! A quick 73 days Nate took a 3500 2nd gen Dodge frame and cut it in half! Coil overs in the front, air bags in the rear. P-pump 6.4L Cummins with 64mm and 82 mm turbos. He spent many days going to scrap yards looking for parts to make it a budget build but in the end still has about 40k in this bad ass unit!
“Favorite part was building the frame, I had an image in my head but was unsure how I was going to do it… So I fired up the grinder and went to town. This build has really pushed my limits with getting everything to work right and working the bugs out. At the end of the day its a dream come true to be able to say I have built this truck front to back, no bolt went untouched.”
Nate has attended a few shows local to his area and has taken home 3 awards so far for this incredible build! His plans for the future include attending UCC next year (maybe more) and also building Rat Rods for customers!
It’s safe to say whether you love the rat rod scene or the diesel truck scene, everyone can appreciate this unique and wild build! We can’t wait to see more of the DomiNATEing Fab truck, and other builds that Nate has in store!

Interested in a Cummins Swap?


If you ever thought about doing a Cummins swap, here’s a good article for you to drool over.

The Cummins swap is getting pretty common now days, every time I turn around I’m hearing about John & Jane Doe in their lifted Ford pickup with the tow mirrors flipped out. So if you’re interested, click the article below, because it’s worth the read.

Linked from Diesel Army

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Arch Stalknaker Mystery Build

This will be the most unique vehicle on the property and we cannot wait to see how it stacks up against the other competition.

Arch Stalknaker will be returning to the UCC in 2018 to bring the heat, or well broke! Who knows with the UCC right? This is all or nothing and we expect to see it all.

Coming across the country from the Appalachian Mountains, Arch Stalnaker, plans on debuting an engine design that will prove itself. With a mystery build in tow, we’re excited to see what he brings to the table in May.

So we’re all curious what this mystery build could be this year, lets hope it can make the cut and put some numbers down.